Sunday, April 24, 2011

Thirty Days of Take That Fat!

There's a pretty long list of things I have trouble motivating myself to do, ranging from big things like "quit smoking" to more rudimentary, incredibly simple tasks like "throw out used cotton balls instead of leaving them on the counter". I'm an expert at the "I could [x]... but then again, I'm already not [x] or haven't [x] in a long time so why bother" line of thinking, which is probably one of the most sinister and quietly destructive ways of living if you intend to grow as a person and lead the life you actually want.

Like I said, the list of possible values for [x] is lengthy and varied, but there's a few that stand out. One of them, until recently, was "look for an agent" which I'll address in a later post - suffice it to say, for now, that it was worth getting off my ass and sending my portfolio out.

Two of the things that I'm really bad at both starting to do and following through with are blogging (ref. the fact that this is my first post in, what, three months?) and working out (ref. my entire life, my body, my self-image). And yesterday, I decided to combine them in an experiment I'm calling:

Thirty Days of Take That Fat!

I will be doing Joey Bothwell's Take That Fat! workout and stretch video every day for a whole month. I will be blogging, vlogging, and slogging through it, regardless of muscle pain, hangovers, early work days, burnout, apathy and self-consciousness. I don't own a scale but I'll be recording my progress in terms of three measurements (stomach, upper arm, thigh) and general reflections on how difficult the video is and how I feel afterwards.

For more information on Joey Bothwell and her workout video (I'll write about how I came to know her, and it, later on as well), visit her website.

And now, to shower! For I am sweaty and sore.

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