Friday, October 8, 2010

To Those Who Sin

To the Westboro Baptist Church, to Fred Phelps, to the hideous lying propagandists of the American Family Organization and Focus on the Family, to the official dogma of so many sects of Christianity, to Anita Bryant, to those vicious hateful proponents of the opposition to Dan Savage's "It Gets Better" campaign, to everyone who looked at the above list and secretly hoped for a message of support:

Rest assured that you are evil, and the servants of evil. No good will come of you. That victorious feeling, the sickly sweetness in the back of your throat as you raise your signs high and vomit hatred upon the world? That is the taste of sin. Enjoy it now, because if anyone burns for anything, eventually you will burn for it. Eventually you will see how wrong you are.

I could explain why you are wrong, why you are unholy and sinful. I could cite science, but you won't listen. I could cite psychology, but you don't care. I could cite your own religious texts, but you would tune me out entirely. The research, the evidence, is there for the people that crave the clarity of fact and reality. But this message isn't for them; this message is for the people who find comfort in the cloying vitriolic cushion of choosing hate and pretending it is Love.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But some opinions are wrong. You, to whom this entry is dedicated, are wrong: fundamentally, ecumenically, intrinsically wrong.

I can't force you to see that. But I can say it, as often as possible, as loud as I can.

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